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student loan database Welcome to the Student Loan Database, where we aim to provide all the information you need on getting the best student loan for YOU.

This student loan database website was made to enable you to learn about the best of the best when it comes to getting student loans so that you can get the money you need to further your education, without having to get a full time job, stressing about making enough, just to make it happen, which as we all know will just affect your grades.

Here at the Student Loan Database, we know that knowledge is power, so we want to provide you with information on loan programs that will provide the financial resources you need to go back to school and attain that power you need to be the best at your career.

There is going to be lots of information on this student loan database page, but feel free to poke around on the site as there is plenty more information where this came from that will show you some of the most accredited loan programs around.

Student Loan Database – 8 Epic Programs

Education will enable you to reach greater heights in your career and life, but the cost of education can make a lot of us say “PASS”, but do not let that be you, as the ways below can help you earn a degree and start earning a salary in no time. The student loan database below will consist of 8 different loan lenders you can use to get your education first, and pay later, the first 3 being federal loan programs and the last 5 being private lenders.


1. Stafford Loan – This student loan database resource has two different types of loans, subsidized and unsubsidized. The subsidized option is based soley off the financial need of the applicant, and requires you to fill out a FAFSA also known as Free Applicatoin for Federal Student Aid which then your school will review and decide on how much money you need. With this student loan database option, you are not charged interest on your students loans if you are enrolled half time or more, and comes with a 6 month grace period. The unsubsidized option doesn’t require you to show that you need financial aid, so it is a lot easier to get compared to a subsidized loan. Your financial loan sum will also be decided by your school, but unlike the subsidized, interest begins to accrue as soon as you are granted the loan which you can choose to pay or not to pay while you are in school. Current interest rates are set at 6.8 percent for 2011 through 2013.

2. Perkins Loan - This student loan database also lends based off the financial need of the person who is applying. All your finances through the Perkins Loan will be issued through your school, and as far as interest goes, it is payed by the government while your are in school as well as during your grace period. They have a ten year repayment plan with the current interest rate being at 5 percent. Undergrads can obtain up to 8,000 per year through them and post grads a cumulative 27,500 for undergraduate loans and up to 60,000 for post graduate training combined with your undergraduate loans

3. Parents Plus Loan – This student loan database is for parents to take out loans for their dependent children, which in most cases either has to be their biological or adoptive parents. Credit checks will be done on the parent applying and must not have a negative credit history. If by chance the parent doesn’t pass the credit check it doesn’t necessarily mean the student doesn’t get the loan, as you can try with another relative or family member, they are called the endorser. In order to do things this way, the parent must agree with the endorser that if the student fails to pay, then the parent will take responsibility for paying the monthly payments. The interest rate is currently fixed at 8.9 percent, 4 percent disbersement fee and is a great program to use when you need a certain amount of extra money to satisfy the total amount of tuition.


1. Sallie Mae Education Trust – This student loan database is an excellent program for all types of students like undergraduate, graduate and professional students. The repayment methods pretty flexible where you can choose between 15 – 30 years. This student loan database has a 6 month grace where you don’t pay monthly payments allowing you time to get a job and hast interest rates between LIBOR which means the rates from which they are getting their loan money from a bank in London (London Inter-Bank Offered Rate) at 2.5 – 10.05 percent. This program has other perks like coverage of up to 5,000 dollars lost to payments of medical costs, you can borrow up to the amount that your schooling will cost, insurance on tuition, and rewards for making your payments on time.

2. Citibank – Student Loan Network is another student loan database that you can use. This lender is a national bank that offers student loans with no origination fees, you do not have to pay any money on payments while you are attending school, interest rates are variable and can be found as low as 2.96. You can apply either on your own or provide a cosigner, you can also get 0.25 percent off if you enroll with an auto debit payment plan. Like many of the other student loan database resources, they will assist you in planning a program catered to exactly how much you need for schooling so you won’t be stuck with extra payments at the end of your schooling.

3. Wachovia Edcuation Loan – Now part of Wells Fargo, is another great student loan database resource. They offer interest rates as low as 3.4 percent, the ability to borrow up to 25,000 a year, and you do not have to pay while your are in school with this option. They also offer other specific discounts which can be up up to 1 percent of your loan.

4. Access Student Loans – These loans are both offerd to undergraduate and graduate students and have very competitve interest rates. With this student loan database resource, their repayment plan is set at 25 years and can be applied for with or without a cosigner.

5. Chase Bank – This last student loan database resource is another large provider when it comes to private student loans. Some information on this program is that you never have to pay while your are in school, no repayment fees, your funds are sent directly to the school you are attending, you can take out loans that cover the attendance that your other financial aid doesn’t cover. This student loan database loan can be used for schooling aspects like tuition, books, living costs as well as purchasing a computer.

Student Loan Database – Conclusion

These above student loan database resources are some of the best programs to use that have been used by millions upon millions of student to obtain the finances they need to attain their education and start off in an excellent career. By using these student loan database methods, you can do the same thing, which will bring you the money you need, as well as the peace of mind that comes with not having to stress about making enough money to stay in college.