Graduate Student Loans – Loan Programs & Lenders To Use

August 27, 2011

Graduate Student Loans

If you are looking for information on graduate student loans, that means you have at made it pretty far in your schooling. so first off, congratulations! Although your potential for income and better jobs increases after your completion of graduate school, it isn’t going to be cheap as you probably already know, which is what makes a lot of people decide against going back to school. But don’t let that be you as graduate student loans can be lend you the helping hand you need when it comes to getting your graduate degree. Below will be a detailed overview of the multiple loan lenders and programs that you can use to obtain these graduate student loans.

graduate student loans

Graduate Student Loans – Federal Programs to Use

First off, just like other levels of schooling loans, there are two options that you can use, federal and private. Federal will yeild the lowest interest rates as as well as other benefits, although private graduate loans do hold their own especially when you can get enough money with federal loans as well as they are usually more flexible when it comes to repayment. Being that you may need both, the information below will offer you with both federal options and private organizations who offer graduate student loans.


Stafford Graduate Student Loans:

  • This graduate student loans option has two different loan methods, subsidized which is a financial need based loan, offers a fixed interest rate as low as 4.5 percent, you don’t have to pay a cent on your loans until you are completely finished with your schooling, and your credit score doesn’t factor into your acceptance as well as you don’t have to pay interest while in school as the government pays it for you, and you don’t have to pay it back. The next options for their graduate student loans program is their subsidized loan which offers benefits like a fixed interest rate as low as 6.8 percent or less, you can borrow up to 20,500 dollars each year for tuition and school costs, and do not have to pay in school. The drawback to the subsidized student loan is that you will be charged with interest the day you take out the loan.

Grad PLUS Graduate Student loans

  • Grad PLUS is another federal program who offers graduate student loans. They offer a fixed interest rate of 7.9, you don’t have to pay monthly payments until shcool has concluded, can be obtained by either having a good credit score or prviding a cosigner who has a good credit score, and best of all your payment are often considered tax deductable.

Graduate Student Loans – Private Lenders

Now that you know two great federal graduate student loans methods, you can also consider using private lenders as well. Here are 2 accredited and highly reputable private lenders who offer graduate student loans.

Sallie Mae Graduate Student Loans

  • Sallie Mae is an excellent lender who provides you with the chance to get money for grad school. They offer their eligible applicants with many benefits like minimal fees for service, low interest rates which range from 2.05 percent to 10.05 percent, anywhere between 15 and 30 years for you to pay back your loan, and you get a 6 month grace period with them as well.
  • Chase Bank – This national bank is another great resource for getting graduate student loans. With Chase Bank you will enjoy no activation fees, you can borrow up to the cost of your attendance or however much is needed to suffice what your other financial aid resources aren’t supplying and they offer consolidation services if you ever need it in the future.





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