Grants For College – How To Get Them & The Best Programs

April 1, 2012

Grants For College

Grants For College

When it all comes down to it, you obviously want to be in as little debt as possible at the conclusion of your schooling, which applying and attaining grant money should be your first priority as this is money you can use for college and never worry about owing anything on it. Even if you feel that you aren’t going to be eligible for grants for college you should apply anyway as studies show that a large percentage of individuals who didn’t apply for grants due to the fact that they believed that they wouldn’t get any money were actually eligible for some money. Below are different programs and tips that can help you secure grants for college that will help you get the money you need for schooling without having to borrow or limiting the amount you have to borrow.

Ways You Can Get Grants For College


The first step that you want to take on your pursuit for grants for college is to fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as this is the holy grail of getting federal student aid, one of the programs being the Pell Grant which offers eligible applicants up to $5660 per year that they can use to pay for their tution and other school related fees and expenses. There is also a great smaller grant program called the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant which offers eligible applicants grant money for college tuition. Not only can you get grants for college by filling out the FAFSA you will also be applying for federal student loans which offer your lower interest rates than private student loans as well both the Perkins and Stafford loans do not based your eligibility off your credit score only your financial need. This college grants resource should be used as soon as January 1st of the specific year that you are going to need federal financial aid, which students must fill the FAFSA out each year they want to receive assistance from the financial aid programs that are offered through the FAFSA.

The FAFSA will demand information from you, both personal information and information about your parents related to how much financial aid you will be receiving from them or any other sources if any at all, which it is basically information needed for the government to determine how much money you will be eligible for.

Academic Competitiveness Grant

This federal grant program offers grants for school to both freshmen and sophmores who have proven to have excelled academically, as well as possess great leadership skills and community services abilities.

The SMART Grant

This grant is offers grants for college that are specifically for juniors and seniors and is another one of the big federal grant programs. This programs is also study specific which it offers grants of up t0 $4000 to students who are studying the following:

  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics
  • Engineering
  • Science

Personal Grants

There are so many great school grant programs out there that base their main eligiblity requirements off of things like:

  • Ethnicity
  • Marital Status ex. Single Parent Grants
  • Age ex. Adult or Teen
  • Income
  • Going Back To School Grants
  • Grants For Specific Studies

This is just a small example of the types of college grants out there being offered for personal situations that you can take advantage of, which may not offer as much money as some of the bigger programs that offer grants for college, or they may, but even if they don’t it is still free money that you never have to pay back so you might as well apply for as many as you can.


Another method that you can utilize when searching for scholarships for college is to ask your employer if they offer any employee grants for school or if they would consider doing so, which you can offer to stay with the company for a certain amount of time in exchange or agree to working other hours and/or even agreeing to hit certain numbers.

From The Source

Don’t forget to visit your colleges or future colleges main office and ask them if the school offers any grant or scholarship programs that you can apply for as many schools have their own programs that they offer to their students.


If use up all money that you got from grants for college, remember that you can work in the Federal Work Study Program that is offered by most all colleges throughout the USA which your school will find work for you that is usually employment in the profession that you are looking to go into, which all the money you earn goes to paying for your tuition, which can leave you debt free at the end of your schooling. If you are still in high school be sure to apply as soon as you are aloud to, and keep track of requirements as well as due dates so you can meet them and be ahead of the game come time for you to go to college.


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