How To Get Free Grants For College

February 11, 2012

Free Grants For College

Free Grants For College

If you are looking for free grants for college to help you pay for your education, ones that don’t ever have to be paid back, then the first place you want to start is filling out a Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Filling out a FAFSA, which can be done as soon as the first of January for that years federal student aid opportunity, will open up the possibility of you qualifying for a host of different federal grant programs, which are only applicable to you if you fill out the FAFSA. One of the major grant free grants for college programs offered through this application which you may be familiar with is the Pell Grant, which if one qualifies for it they have the opportunity to get up to $5660 in free colege grant money which can be used not only for tution fees but also on other aspects of college like books, materials, transportation, living expenses and even a laptop. This is just one of the grant programs, which the FAFSA will also allow you to find out if you are eligible for federal student loans like the Stafford, Perkins and PLUS loans which offer much better intrest rates and repayment options compared to private loans. It should be known that you need to fill out a FAFSA every single year you are in college and are looking for federal assistance.

It should be known that even though you may not think you can qualify for free grant for college or any other federal student aid for that matter, chances are you can receive some sort of assistance as statistics show that almost every single student is eligible for federal assistance for college. So filling out a FAFSA is the first place to start and can yeild free grants for college, money that you would never have enjoyed if you didn’t filling it out.

Other Options For Free Grants For College

There are other roads that you can explore that can result in offering your free grant for college, which some consist of:

  1. Inquiring about free grant for college can be done through your college or futre colleges front office, which you can make an appointment with a counseler who can give you informaton about grant offered through the college as well as outside sources that they can point you to.
  2. If you happen to be working while going to college, often times employers offer grant for college which can result in agreeing to stay a certain length of time at the jobs, in the form or bonuses ad more. This can also be a great option for those looking to advance in their career and looking to do it at the workplace that they are at now, as you can propose that you will become a much more valuable resource to the workplace with a degree.
  3. The other way of doing things when it comes to obtaining free grant for college is to search for grant that are offered for specific situations and degrees. For example if you are a single mom, search for grant for single mothers, or if you are looking to become a nurse then you can search for free college grants for nursing school, your ethnicity, etc.

Free Grant For College Alternatives

If the free grant for college that you qualified for don’t quite cover what you need to pay tuition, keep in mind that there are other alternatives that you can use that can help pay your tuition, leaving you with less or no debt when you get out of college. A great alternative to consider is:

  • The Federal Work Study Program – Over 3000 schools are part of the Federal Work Study Program which is a program that provides students with work through their college, in which the work is most always related to the profession they wish to go into. This free grant for college alternative will not only allow you to pay off tuition debt as they money you make goes towards paying your tuiton, but it will also givbe you valuable hands on experience in the profession you want to go into, which is often demanded by employees as well as looks great on entry level applications.



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