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August 31, 2011

South Carolina Student Loan

There are many South Carolina Student Loan options that one can choose from, all of which has assisted many individuals financially that helped them have enough money to be able to afford to complete their education. If you are not familiar with the South Carolina Student Loan, they are offered by an organization called South Carolina Student Loan Corporation who is the only non profit loan lender in the state of SC, and being a non profit organization, you know they are there to help instead of just make a profit off you. There are many South Carolina Student Loan options, both federal and private, that you can choose from which are discussed below.

South Carolina Student Loan

South Carolina Student Loan Options

Since 1973 their mission has been to “to assist people like you in achieving the dream of a college education”. Being that they provide both federal and private loans, they can be your one stop shop if federal loans don’t offer you enough money, or vis versa with private loans. Here are the loan options they offer:

  1. Federal PLUS Loans – Includes both Graduate PLUS and Parent PLUS
  2. Stafford Loans – This South Carolina Student Loan choice offers both subsidized and unsubsidized loans)
  3. Palmetto Assistance Loan
  4. SC Career Changers Loan
  5. Residency and Relocation Loan
  6. Law Practice Review & Examination Preperation Loan (PREP)
  7. South Carolina Teachers Loan
  8. Alternatvie Certification of Educators Program Loan (PACE)
  9. Private Loans – These are offered with multiple different lenders

As you can tell South Carolina Student Loan options range from all different needs as can assist pretty much anyone looking for a student loan. The best part about taking out a South Carolina Student Loan is that; there is no application fee, no fee for the activation of the loan (no origination fee), flexible repayment plans as well as they give you the chance to save money through many of their money saving benefits, like if you decide to have your loan payments atuomatically deducted from your account, this will save you .25 percent off your interest each month.

South Carolina Student Loan – Other Services

Now that you are more familiar with what South Carolina Student Loan Corporation has to offer in the form of all their loans and the benefits that they offer, they also offer more services on top of these great loans and benefits. Here are their other services:

  1. Scholarships & Grant information and where you can get it through corporations in South Carolina.
  2. Student Loan Consolidation – If you take out a multiple South Carolina Student Loans, you won’t have to look for a consolidator as they can consolidate your loans for you, making them a resource for both loans and consolidation.
  3. 24/7 online access to your account.
  4. Both college and career planning assistance that can be just the student alone or with their parents as well.
  5. Teacher loan forgiveness on federal Stafford Loans.
  6. Entrance & Exit Loan counseling which educations you on your responsibilities and rights when it comes to your South Carolina Student Loan or loans.

If you like the benefits above and want South Carolina Student Loan Corporation to assist you in getting funding for college, you can visit their site at for more information.

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