Student Aid Report

September 5, 2011

Student Aid Report

Student Aid Report

The goal of a Student Aid Report is essentially to gather information about you to determine what your EFC also known as Expected Family Contruibution (EFC) is going to be for the cost of college. So if you are going to be receiving a lot of help, then you will get less financial aid, and if you are going to be getting minimal financial help, than what you can get in financial aid will go up.

Student Aid Report – Major Overview

A Student Aid Report also know as a SAR is the summary of the responses that you filled out on your Free Application of Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which if you don’t know what a FAFSA is, it is an application which determines your qualification for federal student aid, loans, grants as well as scholarships.  The Student Aid Report is sent to you after your complete the FAFSA, either through the mail, or if you provided your email address on the SAR, you will receive information through emial. When you complete your FAFSA, you can designate up to 6 schools to get your Student Aid Report.

If all the information you supplied on your FAFSA is completed in full, what will come back through email or mail will be a single page of information that contains :

  •  Your Expected Family Contribution.
  • Your DRN number which is what you will use to verify that you are actually you if you ever need to make changes to your application.

If you happen to not fill out any part of the FAFSA, your Student Aid Report will come back in the form of an 8 page packet in which will have the highlight the blanks that you have missed. You will need to fill in this information and send it back in, and remeber to sign the Student Aid Report if you haven’t already. To avoid this, check through your FAFSA mutliple times just to make sure you completed everything.

Getting your Student Aid Report

Once your have received your Student Aid Report, you need to check if there are any mistakes on the report. You can do this by comparing the FAFSA you filled out to your Student Aid Report. If you have any additional questions, you can feel free to contact the Federal Student Aid Information Center who can be reached at 1-800-433-3243 (1-800-4-FED-AID). They will be able to assist you with any changes or information that you need by providing your DRN number.

Student Aid Report – Selected For Verification

In the event that your Student Aid Report is selected for a verification process, which you will know as your SAR will say on the front page “You will be asked by your school to provide a copy of certain financial documents”. Instructions will be given if your Student Aid Report does require verification.

If you haven’t filled out a FAFSA yet, you can fill one out at the Department of Education website. After you are completed with the application, it is a long one just to give you a heads up, you will be mailed your Student Aid Report, within about 4 business days if you did it electronically or about a month if you decided to mail it in.

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