Student Loans For Bad Credit – How To Still Get A Loan

August 27, 2011

Student Loans For Bad Credit

What if I were to tell you that there was a loophole to where you can get student loans even though you have bad credit? Well that is exactly what this article was written as there are many student loans for bad credit programs out there that you can use to get the money you deserve to go back to college and attain your college degree. Don’t let a bad credit score hold you back from getting your education. The following information will provide you with how the method that allows you to get student loans for bad credit.

Student Loans For Bad Credit

Student Loans For Bad Credit – How to get loans

1.)  I have three words for all of you looking for student loans for bad credit, they are Federal Student Loans. Federal loans could really care less about what you credit score is and most all of them don’t require that you have a cosigner to obtain a loan. Another great part about this student loans for bad credit method is that federal loans will provide its eligible candidates with the lowest ineterest rates around compared to private orgranization, like the Stafford Loan which is currently around 4 percent, insanely low. Some of the federal loan porgrams you can use are:

  • The Stafford Loan
  • Parent PLUS Loan
  • The Perkins Loan

2.)  If for whatever reason you want to go through a private organizations when looking for student loans for bad credit, you can always get a cosigner who you know and trust and who has a good enough credit score to make payments. Remember though with this option, you want to make sure to make the payments every time as your choosen cosigner is putting their faith in you to make the payments. A great thing about this is that most loan companies allow you to have a payment free college experience, and require that you start paying 6 months after you are done, allowing you to have time to get a job and make those payments. Also, if you choose this student loans ford bad credit method, after a certain amount of time, which is around 40 payments, the debt can be tranferred to your name, giving you an excellent opportunity to raise your credit score by making your payments on time.

3.)  This next option can be used either before using the above methods, if for some reason these student loans for bad  credit methods don’t work out for you. What you can do is visit a credit counseler at the school you with to attend, either the counseling will be at the school or you will be referred to someone who does credit counseling. By using these two resources, they will provide you with information on how you can get student loans with bad credit. These people are professionals who are their with the goal of helping you get the funding you need to attend college and fulfill you dream of getting a degree. With this option, if you meet with a counseler at the school, you can also inquire about if there are any programs through the school that provide student loans for bad credit, or any grant programs that may apply to your situation.

Student Loans For Bad Credit – What to do now?

The first thing you will want to do immediately is fill out what is called a FAFSA which stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This application will present to you the loan programs that provide student loans for bad credit that cater to your personal situation. Also being that you are looking for student loans for bad credit, after a cert

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