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ACS Student Loan – Overview & Loans Offered

August 30, 2011

ACS Student Loan

An ACS Student Loan can provide you with the means needed to attend college and better yet complete college without having to beg, borrow and steal, which will in turn provide a more stress free college existance that will enable you to foucus more on the classes you are in, instead of making money to afford the classes you are in.

If you are not familiar with ACS which stands for Affiliated Computer Services who is a Fortune 500 company who also specializes in providing excllent options an benefits when it comes to student loans, as they are a student loan servicer which means loans aren’t lended directly from them, they collect your loan payment and provide the money to the lender that they are affiliate with. They offer many loans that have great benefits for their eligible applicants, which the next section will go into major detail so can get to know the ACS Student Loan options much better.

ACS Student Loan

ACS Student Loan – Loans Offered

Being that ACS specializes in technology as well, many universities choose them over other companies because they offer technical services that make a lot of loan services easier for schools to process. Anyone can obtain an ACS student loan because they are not credit based, meaning your acceptance has nothing to do with your credit score, for the federal loans. ACS Student Loan offers both federal and private loans some of which include the following:

  • Campus Based Student Loan Program (CBSLP) – This category currently provides ACS student loan options like the Federal Perkins Loan as well as Nusing Student Loans (NSL).
  • PLUS Loans – This options provides loans for parents who choose to take out a loan for their dependent children, and provied a variety of different loan options that deal with both under graduate, graduate as well as professional students.
  • Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP) – This category of ACS Student Loans is where you will find Federal Stafford Loans.
  • Private Loans – There are currently multiple different private loans that ACS offers that can help you in the event the the federal loans do not quite cover what you need in the form of financial aid.

Just like many other lenders, you will have to fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) in order to qualify for their federal loan options, where as for a private ACS student loan you do not have to.

ACS Student Loan – Further Infromation

  1. ACS student loans offer forbearance to their eligible applicants for those who are having trouble making their monthly bill payments.
  2. You can make all of your payments online as well as view the status of your account or anything else that pertains to your ACS student loan, giving you the freedom of managing your finances instead of having to go call or go to a location in order to do so.
  3. ACS also provides consolidation services which you can use in the future as a way to lower your monthly payments as well as the interest you pay on your loan.

ACS Student Loan – Conclusion

As you can now tell the ACS Student Loan options offer a wide variety of choices when it comes to getting money for college. They no doubt should be a resouce for you to use when looking for the right loan as they specialize in both federal and private options, not limiting you to one or the other. By utilizing an ACS student loan, you can get the money you need for college as well as have a provider that can help you with different services when your college has concluded.