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National Student Loan Data System

November 9, 2011

National Student Loan Data System Overview

The National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) is a federal database that consists of all student aid records an is run by the US Department of Education. The NSLDS enables individuals to access information pertaining to federal loans like the status of loans applied for, any outstanding balances as well as information on the disbursement of student loans, which have to deal with both Federal Perkins Loans and Federal Stafford Loans. They also make it career that other grant programs are kept on file through the National Student Loan Data System like Pell Grants, FFELP loans, Perkins Loans, PLUS Loans, Supplemental Loans, the Direct Loan Program as well as other all encompassing US Department of Education student loan programs.

National Student Loan Data System

Other National Student Loan Data System Services

Review of Financial Aid

In order to review information pertaining to financial aid provided by federal sources, students need to submit different personal information as well as other specifications which afterwards, you will be granted with a Personal Identification Number (PIN, which will be what you enter each time you want to access your National Student Loan Data System account. Once you create an account you will be able to monitor all the information on your loan(s) or grant(s) from the day you first start receiving funds, to the day you pay it off. In order to receive a gain access you will need to provide:

  • Your Social Security Number.
  • The first 2 letters in your last name.
  • Your birthdate.
  • Your PIN number.
The information you will be able to view after you become a member of the NSLDS site will include; the amount of your loans, which school the loan is for, the name of your loan holder and guarantor, as well as Pell Grant information like the amount awarded and schools that offer students the opportunity to receive Pell Grant funds.

“Loan Exit Counseling”

  • Their loan exit counseling program offers loan holders a tool that aids them in the completion of the “loan exit counseling requirements”.  This is offered through their main site where students can either use the tool by clicking “start” or learn more about the programs by clicking “tour”.
“Teach Grant Exit Counseling”
  • According to the NSLDS there are federal laws that state that those who have obtained a Teacher Education for College and higher Education Grant, also known as the TEACH Grant, must participate in a session for exit counseling either when the with draw or finish school. Same rules apply with either “start” or “tour” for the TEACH Grant exit program.
Correcting Incorrect Information
If in fact students find any information that is incorrect about their loans or grants, they are able to change it by following the steps below, which include changing information on various programs:
  • For corrections on FFELP loans, contact your loan guarantor.
  • For Perkins Loans as well as Pell Grant corrections, contact your school.
  • For all Direct Loans, inquire through the direct loan servicer.
All changes made to your account will show up in 30 days or less.