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National Student Loan Database

September 2, 2011

National Student Loan Database

The National Student Loan Database is provides information on obtaining both federal loans which range from the Stafford subsidized and ubsubsidized options, the Perkins Loan and PLUS loans among others, as well as just being general spot where the US Department of Education provides the most up to date information on the latest financial aid options. They get this up to date information by staying in contact with various organizations like colleges, education programs, agencies, and loan lenders all across the country.

Through this database you can also get access to the status of your loans as well as information on what your balance is on the loans that you have aquired, those being your federal loans as the National Student Loan Database has nothing to do with private loans.

national student loan database

How Does One Access the National Student Loan Database?

If you are looking to use the National Student Loan Datbase for one of the above options, you will need to enter in some information about yourself among other speficiations which will give you a Personal Identification Number (PIN) in which you can use to grant you access to your account. This is what you need to enter to gain access to using the National Student Loan Database:

  1. The first two letters of your last name.
  2. You Social Security Number.
  3. Your Date Of Birth.

Once you fulfill the above, you will be granted access to the pending loan information, outstanding balances as well as infromation on the lender of your loans as well as the school that is associated with each loan as well as the “small print” of your loan information, enabling your to fully familiarize yourself with all the encompassing loan information. By becoming a member of the site, you will be able to monitor your loan information all the way from the beginning of obtaining your loan all the way to the closure of it. If you take out another loan, it usually takes about 30 days for it to show up on the National Student Loan Database website.

If any of this infromation is wrong, or needs to be changed for whatever reason, you can contact the the National Student Loan Database where you will talk to one of the representatives. They will correct what needs to be changed and the changes will show up within 30 days or less.

Other National Student Loan Database Information

Now that you know the main purpose of the National Student Loan Database, there are also ther minor benefits that you can enjoy by being a member. Here are some of the other benefits provided:

  1. Teaching on the loan suject of Exit Counseling where you are advised on the requirements you must meet.
  2. You cna also download an incription code on the National Student Loan Database website in which increase the security of all of your data when it comes to your student loan information as well as keep all of your private and log in information secure from anyone being granted access but you.