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New Mexico Student Loans

November 21, 2011

New Mexico Student Loans

New Mexico Student Loans

New Mexico student loans, or NM student loans as they are also known is an organization that functions off purely non profit efforts and was founded in 1981 by the New Mexico State Legislature and are considered as one of the main driving forces in providing opportunity for advancement in education in the state of New Mexico.

Other New Mexico Student Loans Services

Their “ONE CLICK” section is where you can get access to:

  • Your Account
  • Repayment Calculator
  • Student Loan Forms
  • FAFSA Forms
  • Contact New Mexico Student Loans
  • Site Map
The Student Loan Forms as well as FAFSA Forms section is where you will begin your application process for federal student loans.

Below are the various subsections that the New Mexico Student Loans “Money For College” link offers in their website that are all dedicated to either helping you learn about loans for college as well as getting the money you need to fund your education.


  • The Financial Aid Process – This section is for individuals to learn the exact steps to getting financial aid through federal student loans, which involves filling out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  • Financial Aid Programs – This New Mexico Student Loans section details the different forms that student aid can come in, which include some of the following; scholarships, work study, federal loan programs, the New Mexico College Affordability Grant among others.
  • What Does That Mean? – This is a cool section where you can learn about all the terms that are used when speaking about loans, which all have definitions, like; student loan default, adjusted gross income, student loan deferment, student loan delinquency, forbearance, grace period and more.
  • Commonly Asked Questions – The most commonly asked questions about getting student loans.
  • The Scholarship Process – Exactly how to go about getting scholarships as well as their benefits, as well as application deadlines and more.
  • Lottery Scholarship – Details on the New Mexico Legislative Lottery Scholarship which are scholarships that are offered to those who have either graduated high school or have a GED and intend on enrolling in a public college in New Mexico, as well as the eligibility requirements and more.
  • Scholarship Search Sites – Links to different sites, both local and national programs that offers scholarships to students.
  • Planning For College  - This part of the New Mexico Student Loans Site offers information on the guidelines you must follow that will help you get into college, like tests you must take, test prep courses, choosing a college to attend and more.
  • College Planning Timeline – Timeline list that students should follow that provides an itinerary of what they should be doing each month that will get them closer to their goal of getting into college.
  • Resources – Various links are provided all of which take you to different private and public educational institutions in New Mexico, as well as sites on savings plans for college, admissions and standardized tests, career guidance and more.
  • Be Smart About Your Loans – This New Mexico Student Loans page is dedicated to providing your with tips to follow when thinking about taking out a student loan.
  • Perkins Loan Information – Here you can learn all the updated information on one of the most popular federal student loan programs around, the Federal Perkins Loan.
  • Commonly Asked Questions – Here individuals can learn about most commonly asked questions on student loan repayment.
Among the above New Mexico Student Loan services, you can also attain information on loan repayment, interest rates, tips on how to pay off debt it you are having trouble, as well as tax benefits you can take advantage of and more in their “Borrowers” section.


There are currently 91 learning institutions that offer student aid in the form of both federal and private loans in New Mexico, which consist of universities, vocational schools, community colleges, military institutes, beauty schools and more. If you would like to check if the school you are wishing to attend is one the list of those eligible for student aid, you can visit this link: New Mexico Student Loans