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Where You Can Find Scholarships For Nursing Students

April 15, 2012

Scholarships For Nursing Students

Scholarships For Nursing Students

Pursuing a career in nursing can benefit you in more ways than on, some of those being that you will be working a gratifying and rewarding career as well as being going to school to work in a profession that has so many great grant programs out there as a way to attract people to go to school to be a nurse to fill the many vacant nursing positions out there. The US Department of Health and Human Services themselves have created grants programs specifically for nursing students to help aid in the shortage. There are various ways that you can obtain scholarships for nursing students both federal and private that are discussed below, that will give you a helping hand in paying to your degree.

Nursing Scholarship Program

The Nursing Scholarship Program which is highly regarded as one of the best options for nursing students looking for funding for their schooling, as well as the most widely known program. Through this great program offers scholarships for nursing students that can pay for most of all of your schooling, which in return you must agree to work as a full time nursine in a certain amount of time in an area that is experiencing a shortage of nursing. This nursing scholarships program also can include assistance when it comes to living expenses, as they know that this is one of the most expenses parts of college as well. It should be known that a lot of the nursing grant programs are similiar to this one as they require you to make a working commitment in order to enjoy the benefits of the program.  \

American Association of Colleges for Nursing (AACN)

Not only can you learn about information on programs that are offering grants for nursing students through this program all throughout the year, you can also visit their site and obtain other valuable information like what is its like being a nurse or how to become a nursing, and other valuable career information.

Pell Grant

Now the Pell Grant isn’t a grant program specifically nursing students but you can get scholarships for nursing school by applying to it, as it is the largest federal grant program that offers a maximum total of up to $5560 each year that you are in school. Most all applicants qualify for some amount of money so it is highly advised that you apply for the Pell Grant which the only way you can do so is by filling out and submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Federal Work Study Program

The Federal Work Study Program is widely known around the US as it is offered by thousands of colleges throughout the nation. Like the Pell Grant it doesn’t specifically offer grants for nursing students but it offers you the chance to work a nursing related job while you are in school, which all the money that you make from your job hours will be used by your school to pay of tution debt.

It should be known that you can use your own personal attributes to attain scholarships for nursing students as well, which you can apply for grants that have to do with how old you are, if you are going back to college or going for a second dgree, what ethnic race you are and more. Also if you are looking to study a certain specialty, you can also looking for programs offering scholarships for nursing students who are studying to enter into your choosen specialty, as there are many nursing specialty specific scholarships