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School Grants For Single Mothers – 6 Different Ways You Can Get Grants

April 22, 2012

School Grants For Single Mothers


School Grants For Single MothersMany single mothers are headed back to school to obtain the education they need to be able to fill a good job that will provide them with the financial means needed to be able to afford raising their children. Due to this fact, there are many programs out there that are offering school grants for single mothers, actually more than ever now. Even the school grant programs that aren’t specially for single mothers can still provide single mothers with a great chance of getting funding from them as being a single mom is considered to be at a disadvantage which is can make the difference between getting a grant and not getting it. Below are a few different avenues that you can take that can allow you to apply for some great programs and potentially get school grants that you can use to pay for your tuition

  1. Seeking grant money directly from the colleges that you are attending or looking to attend for your schooling is a great method that is advised that you use first due to the fact that this is the fastest way to getting money as well as even more information on school grants for single mothers programs that you can apply to.
  2. A single mother can benefit immensely as far as school loans go by filling out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid becuase you can be entitled to getting up to over $5000 per year that you can use to pay for your schooling and other things you need to buy that are related to you schooling. You need to fill this federal application out every year that you are attending your college, and the application itself allows is applicants to be able to fill it out and submit it on the 1st of January of the year in which you are looking to use the money that you may be eligible for. The main grant program that is available through the FAFSA is the Pell Grant which the Pell Grant is actually known as one Obama Moms Returning to School grants, equating to a very high chance that you will be eligible for some amount of money. The other main grant program that you can qualify for by filling the FAFSA out is the Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant where you can get up to $4000 per year to use towards your schooling.
  3. Another great way to find scholarships for single mothers is to search on the internet for grant programs that are applicable to what you are going through or even personal attributes that apply to yourself. Like for example you can look for grants for single moms that are wanting to go back to school, your ethnicity, or grants for single moms that have children as well as grants for single mothers that are studying what you want to get a degree in.
  4. The Sunshine Lady Foundation is another grant program offering school grants for single mothers who both are at an extreme financial need but want to pursue education as well as those who have been or are in abusive relationships. If one fits either category, they can qualify for thousands of dollars to use towards their schooling. This program was founded by a lady named Doris Buffet who was a single mother and knows how difficult it can be.
  5. The non-profit Jeannette Rankin Foundation is another fantastic program that offers grants for single mothers for college which each person that qualifies for the grant will receive a minimum of $2000 to use towards their education.
  6. There is also an incredible federal source for grants that can include college grants for single mothers as well as grants for most all other single mother edeavours, which you can check out all that is at your avail by becoming a member of the site called which is home of connecting you with over 900 different grant programs.

Also, not exactly a school grants for single mothers program, but a benefit of being a single mom and going back to school is the fact that The American Opportunity Tax Credit Programs states that your first $4000 that goes towards your higher education is free.

How To Get Scholarships and Grants For Graduate School

April 8, 2012

Grants For Graduate School

Grants For Graduate School

Getting grants for graduate school can ease the pit in your stomach when it comes to the subject of tution cost, as they can slash the amount you need to pay by a percentage, and every little bit helps. With the amount of adults either entering into a graduate degree program or those going back to school to attain their graduated degree to make themselves more competitive in the job market, there are more and more scholarship and grant programs for graduate students sprouting up. These funds are either distributed to you in the form of a check or directly deposited to your account or school that you are going to be attending, which you can use the money to pay for your tuiton as well as the possiblity of using it for other aspects like; housing, books, a computer and other school related expenses.

Now when it comes to the source of these graduate school grants, they mostly come from sources such as universities as well as a myraid of private organizations that are trying to attract a spefic demographic of students studying certain subjects, drawing them to their grant program with the intent that they will go into the certain feild. But there are so many other methods that you can use to obtain grant money for graduate school, some of which include:

  1. So one of the main ways to get grants for graduate school that apply to your feild is simply be searching for grants for graduate students that are specified for the particular feild you are going to be studying. So in other words these grants are specialized to a host of studies, like for example science and engineering are some of the top feilds that graduate degree grants can be found for.
  2. Now when you set out on your application process for grants for graduate school, be sure to look for grants that apply to you and what encompasses aspects that you possess. Things like being a minority, a single parent, a parent with children going back to school, state specific, and even repayment programs who can offer to pay for part or all of your training in exchange for you, for example working in an area where there is a shortage of individuals with your credentials but direly needed. Even things like being an orphan or raised in foster care can result in grants for grad school, so think of anything that makes you special and then search for grant programs to apply to that.
  3. If you happen to hold a job in the feild in which you want to further your educatoin in, don’t be afraid to ask your employer if they would consider helping you pay for your education, as they know that attained a graduate degree will make you a much more valuable asset to their company.
  4. Grants for graduate school can also can be attained by those who  are going to be pursing a line of research, which you can apply to a variety of organizations who are interested in working with individuals who possess knowledge in the area of research.
  5. Last, it is a must that you fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or continue doing so if you have were using it for your undergraduate studies. You can fill the application out as soon as January 1st were you can be eligible for thousands or dollars in grants for graduate school, which you can get money from the FAFSA for ever year of your graduate studies.

You can also consider things like attending a less popular school as it can provide you with a better opportunity to attain fellowships for graduate school and of course checking with your school by talking to a financial advisor who can give you information about local and national grant sources.

Law School Loan Options – 5 Loan Programs/Lenders

September 5, 2011

Law School Loan Information

Law school is expensive, we don’t have to tell you twice, but there are many law school loan options that can enable you to afford law school as well as attain the knowledge you need to pass the bar exam and go onto a flourishing career as a lawyer. There are both federal as well as private lenders that you can go through, and being that often times federal doesn’t provide enough private law school loan lenders are an option, although it is suggested that you take advantage of federal loans first because of their lower interst. To get you familiar with what is out there in the form of student loans, we have prepared for you 3 different federal options as well as 2 different private options for you to use to get your law school loan.

Law School Loan Options

Federal Law School Loan Lenders

  1. STAFFORD Law School Loan – This loan option comes in both subsidized (need based) and unsubsidized (non need based) form. Up to 20,500 dollars in is avialable to your per year with unsubsidized, and with subsidized you can get up to 8,500 dollars. They have a fixed interes rate at 6.8 percent, an activation fee of 1 percent and a 6 month grace period.
  2. GRAD Plus Law School Loan – This option is designated for just graduate and professional students and requires an credit check for qualification which can be either you or a cosigner. Fixed interest rates also apply which are at 7.9 percent and has excellent deferment methods.
  3. Federal Perkins Law School Loan – The Perkins loan program offers you law school loans of up to 6,000 a year at a current fixed rate of 5 percent. This loan is fully subsidized and you do not have to pay interest on the loan until you are finished with college. This option provides you a 9 month grace period as well as has no activation fee.

As you may know, in order to be eligible for federal student aid, you must fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) which will determine how much money you are eligible for for you law school loan.

Private Law School Loan Options

If perhaps the federal law school loan options don’t provide enough money for your schooling, you can use these private lenders to get a law school loan as well.

  1. Citi Bank Law School Loan – You can borrow up to the cost of your education minus any other financial aid your are receiving, a possibility of tax deductions for your payments, provides a 9 month grace period and up to 20 years to repay your debt, no activation fee, good credit can mean a lower interest rate. You can also receive .025 percent off your interest by enrolling in their auto debit program. WIth this loan you must either pay interest while in school or let it accumulate and pay it off later.
  2. Access Group Law School Loan – Also known as Law Access Inc, offers student loans for law students studying for the Law Exam as well as getting ready to take it. The offer extended repayment on their loans enabling you to lower your montly payments. They are partnered with the American Bar Association with whom they enable law students to get money for tuition.