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All About Federal Student Loan Forgiveness

August 28, 2011

Federal Student Loan Forgiveness

The first question that graduates ask themselves is “how the heck am i going to pay my debt off?! Well federal student loan forgiveness can be an excellent method to utilized when trying to pay federal student loans off faster, helping you pay either a big chuck of your loan off or erase the entire thing, in other words a clean slate. If you currently have a student loan and are looking for more information on student loan forgiveness, the information that follows will explain all there is to know about federal student loan forgivesness so you know what it can do for you and how to use it to you benefit.

federal student loan forgiveness

Federal Student Loan Forgiveness – Forgiveness Methods

Federal student loan forgiveness can keep you from being one of the fast growing number of students who file student loan bankruptcy which you want to avoid at ALL costs because student loan stay on your credit record forever! These forgiveness programs can be used if you used Perkins, Stafford, PLUS or FEEL loans. Anyways, there are many programs that you can use that offer you federal student loan forgiveness, to give you an idea of what is out there for you to use, here are the various ways which you can recieve some help from for you loans:

Community Service:

You can find federal student loan forgiveness programs through these three organizations: Peace Corps, Americorps as well as VISTA. These organizations will offer you either a lump sum after working a certain amount of time which is usually a year of service and around 7000, or you can provided community service through them for multiple years and each year they will pay for a percentage of your debt, usually around 15% of each years service.


If you are a teacher, you can get your federal student loans forgiven by working in certain ares of your community, these being either low income areas as well as areas where quality teaching is needed the most. WIth this option, you usually will have to enroll in a 10 year payment plan where you pay on time payments each month for 120 months, and at the end of the term you will be awarded by having the rest of your debt wiped away, no matter how much is left.

Medical (Doctors, Nurses)

If you are looking to enter into the medical profession, you can get your debt forgiven substantially or fully if you work you provide your services in low income areas as well. The Perkins Loan offers up to 60 percent cancellation for nurses, with the Stafford, you can get up full cancellation after working a certain amount of time in the profession.

Social Work & Lawyers

The social worker profession provides you with the chance to get federal student loan forgiveness as well in the form of total cancellation of your debt after what is usually 5 years of service. If you have just completed law school, you can get your debt forgiven completely after working a public interest job for 10 years.

Child Care – Providers of childcare can also qualify for federal student loan forgiveness, for example with the FEEL program offers you the chance to get all of your debt forgiven after providing childcare for a certain amount of time.


If you happen to be in the military or are looking to enter into the military, federal student loan forgiveness can be found in different ares of service.

Federal Student Loan Forgiveness – Conclusion

If you like the benefits of federal student loan forgiveness and apply it to your debt, the best thing to do now is to contact your loan provider and ask them what is offered for your particular situation. They will either provide you with the information you need, or will refer you to someone who will be able to help you get started. If you happen to not like the idea of federal student loan forgiveness but are still looking for ways in which you can manage your debt, you can either seek out a student loan consolidation company, talk to your lender about a possible modification of your repayment plan to where it would be more affordable for you to make your payments.

Student Loan Interest Deduction Major Overview

August 28, 2011

Student Loan Interest Deduction

If you have came to this page looking for information on student loan interest deduction, then you are in the right spot as we will provide you with all the details needed to make yourself familiar with the subject. To give you a feel for what we will be getting into, student loan interest deduction can equate to you being able to use the money you paid on interest as a tax deduction, meaning that it can save you hundreds or thousands. For all the major details on student loan interest deduction, read on the next sections will go into deep detail about it.

student loan interest deduction

Student Loan Interest Deduction – Major Overview

The Tax Relief Act states that you are able to deduct up to 2,500 dollars in the interest that you paid on your student loans each year, meaning that if you spent over that, then you are limited to getting 2,500 dollars back, which you can turn around and drop a large payment on your student loans, getting out of debt faster, and remember, you can do this every year.. A quick note to remember is to use either a 1040A or 1040 form for this, avoid using a 1040EZ tax form as this doesn’t allow student loan interest deduction. As a way for you to get the most information, the main details will be in bulet point form:

  • If you happen to be married and both you and your spouse have student loans, then you will need to fill out a joint form for both of you to qualify for student loan interest deduction.
  • You cannot qualify for student loan interest deduction if you make 70,000 + individually or  140,000 + as a couple.
  • The three categories which make you eligible for student loan interest deduction are that you are paying for your student loan, paying for your spouses loan or paying on a person whom was dependent on you when taking out the loan
  • You also must have been enrolled in school at least in a half time basis as well as graduated or completed the education you set out to get, like colleges or vocational studies.
  • The qualified expenditures aren’t limited to just tuition costs, others that are qualied are living expenses, your textbooks, school supplies as well as your transportation going to and from school. When it comes to deduction for these categories, you must prove to the IRS where and how you spent money on them.
  • Student loan interest deduction can only be used for student loans.

Student Loan Interest Deduction – Conclusion

Now that you know the basics to student loan interest deduction, you can now apply it to your student loan situation to get big money back that you can use towards living expenses or towards paying off your debt a lot quicker than normal. For more information, the best thing to do now would be to contact either your personal tax preparer, or find one in your loacal area as they will be able to get you going, and provide you with the most up to date information on student loan interest deduction.

Graduate Student Loans – Loan Programs & Lenders To Use

August 27, 2011

Graduate Student Loans

If you are looking for information on graduate student loans, that means you have at made it pretty far in your schooling. so first off, congratulations! Although your potential for income and better jobs increases after your completion of graduate school, it isn’t going to be cheap as you probably already know, which is what makes a lot of people decide against going back to school. But don’t let that be you as graduate student loans can be lend you the helping hand you need when it comes to getting your graduate degree. Below will be a detailed overview of the multiple loan lenders and programs that you can use to obtain these graduate student loans.

graduate student loans

Graduate Student Loans – Federal Programs to Use

First off, just like other levels of schooling loans, there are two options that you can use, federal and private. Federal will yeild the lowest interest rates as as well as other benefits, although private graduate loans do hold their own especially when you can get enough money with federal loans as well as they are usually more flexible when it comes to repayment. Being that you may need both, the information below will offer you with both federal options and private organizations who offer graduate student loans.


Stafford Graduate Student Loans:

  • This graduate student loans option has two different loan methods, subsidized which is a financial need based loan, offers a fixed interest rate as low as 4.5 percent, you don’t have to pay a cent on your loans until you are completely finished with your schooling, and your credit score doesn’t factor into your acceptance as well as you don’t have to pay interest while in school as the government pays it for you, and you don’t have to pay it back. The next options for their graduate student loans program is their subsidized loan which offers benefits like a fixed interest rate as low as 6.8 percent or less, you can borrow up to 20,500 dollars each year for tuition and school costs, and do not have to pay in school. The drawback to the subsidized student loan is that you will be charged with interest the day you take out the loan.

Grad PLUS Graduate Student loans

  • Grad PLUS is another federal program who offers graduate student loans. They offer a fixed interest rate of 7.9, you don’t have to pay monthly payments until shcool has concluded, can be obtained by either having a good credit score or prviding a cosigner who has a good credit score, and best of all your payment are often considered tax deductable.

Graduate Student Loans – Private Lenders

Now that you know two great federal graduate student loans methods, you can also consider using private lenders as well. Here are 2 accredited and highly reputable private lenders who offer graduate student loans.

Sallie Mae Graduate Student Loans

  • Sallie Mae is an excellent lender who provides you with the chance to get money for grad school. They offer their eligible applicants with many benefits like minimal fees for service, low interest rates which range from 2.05 percent to 10.05 percent, anywhere between 15 and 30 years for you to pay back your loan, and you get a 6 month grace period with them as well.
  • Chase Bank – This national bank is another great resource for getting graduate student loans. With Chase Bank you will enjoy no activation fees, you can borrow up to the cost of your attendance or however much is needed to suffice what your other financial aid resources aren’t supplying and they offer consolidation services if you ever need it in the future.





Subsidized Student Loans Information & Progam To Use

August 27, 2011

Subsidized Student Loans

Before we get into some of the great program that offers subsidized student loans, we will overview exactly what it means, if you already know, feel free to skip to the section where it talks about these great lenders. Anyways subsidized student loans are there for you when your other financial aid options aren’t providing enough funds to cover your tuition costs. This isn’t the only benefit of subsidized student loans as the interest on these loans are paid by the government or a third party lender, which means the interest will not stack up on you when you are in college, and you will never have to pay this money back, as well as do not require payments until college is over, where compared to subsidized loans where you will have to pay interst while in school.

subsidized student loans

Subsidized student loans are usually provided on a needs basis, meaning that those who need them most tend to get them the most which can be in the case of low income, and certain areas of residence, or just not enough funding from other sources like grants, scholarships or help from family, etc. The low income requirements have shown it to be that 50 percent of subsidized student loans go to those who have an house income level of 50,000 or below, 25 percent for 50,000 to 100,000 and 10 percent to over 100,000. Subsidized student loans also require that you are enrolled on a half time basis in order to keep receiving the benefits that were mentioned above. The great thing about subsidized student loans is that they are not credit based and you do not have to require a cosigner, you can even get subsidized student loans with no credit history at all.

Subsidized Student Loans - The Program To Use

When it comes to the subsidized student loan program to use, it is a federal, or government funded programs, that can assist you, as well as provide eligible applicants with great benefits. Also with these being federal programs, they offer much lower interest rates compared to private programs. Here are two great federal options to use for your subsidized student loan.

Stafford Subsidized Student Loans

  • This option provides its eligible candidates with fixed interest rates, meaning that they will never change, which are as low as 4.50 percent. So for example say you take out a 20,000 dollar loan at 4.5 percent. You will end up paying 900 dollars back in interest on top of the original 20,000 dollar debt. This program has a repayment period which is 10 years, although it can be extended in some cases, and also allows you to borrow enough to cover what your other programs aren’t covering.

Perkins Subsidized Student Loans – Qualification

To qualify for these subsidized student loans through the programs mentioned above, you will have to fit the following criteria:

  • Be a citizen of the USA or be able to prove that you are a permanent resident.
  • Complete a FAFSA application, which stand for Free Application for Federal Student Aid.
  • The completion of at least your highschool education or something equivalent, like a GED.
  • You are not defaulted or have a delinquent account with any other federal lender program.


Consolidating Private Student Loans – Advantages & Disadvantages

August 27, 2011

Consolidating Private Student Loans

Are you looking for inforamtion on consolidating private student loans, well you are in the right places as we will show you both the advantages and disadvantages of this process. Lets face it, pretty much everyone that goes to college has to take out more than just one loan to have enough to pay their tuition, some three or four or more. Consolidating private student loans can be an excellent way to save you both time and money, among many other things, but is it for you? The next section will provide and overview of the process as well as go into detail about both sides to consolidating private student loans, so you can decide for yourself.

Consolidating Private Student Loans

Overview Of Consolidating Private Student Loans

If you aren’t familiar with the process of consolidating private student loans, it is essentially where all of your loans are combined into one lump sum where you just pay one loan payment per month. You can do this through many consolidation companies out there who will take care of all the major details, like paying off your loan lenders so that they can now be your sole loan lender, so where all you have to worry about is getting your payment in on time.

Pros & Cons of Consolidating Private Student Loans

First we will start with the benefits that are provided to one who is thinking about consolidating private student loans:


  • Consolidation companies reset all of the financial payment information once they obtain your loans, like monthly payment as well as interest rate. By searching for a consolidation company that does private student loans, you can get one who requires both lower monthly payments as well as lower interest rates compared to what you were paying to your previous lenders. A lower credit score can be attained if your credit has improved from when you first took out your loans, as a credit  check will be run, and is one of the main factors in your eligibility.
  • Another great benefit to consolidating private student loans as that most all consolidation companies have very flexible repayment options, meaning that you can pay your student loan off a lot faster by upping the monthly payment, as well as save in the interest you would have paid if you just paid the minimum.
  • You only have to focus on making one payment instead of multiple as well as only have to call one resource for any questions related to your repayment programs.


Here are some of the drawbacks of consolidating private student loans:

  • The first disadvantage to consolidating private student loans is the oriantation fee, also known as the activation fee, which is what you pay when you first establish an account with a consolidation company, can be very high in many cases. For example, say that you will have a 50,000 dollar sum in which you consolidate, and the activation fee is 4 percent, that equates to an extra 2000 dollars you have to pay.
  • Second, if by chance your credit schore is down in the dumps, consolidating your private student loans can result in you paying a lot more when it comes to interest. Like is was said above, the interest rate that you will pay is heavily based on your credit score, and it will be much higher if you have a negative credit history.
  • Consolidating private student loans can also result in you not being able to qualify for certain forgiveness programs, which are programs in which a big part of your debt can be wiped away.
  • Like it was said above, the repayment methods are flexible which lead many to choosing a longer period in which they want to pay off their debt. This will result in you paying a lot more on your loan and interest.

Consolidating Private Student Loans – Conclusion

Now that you know what the benefits and disadvantages are of consolidating private student loans, it should be easier to make your descision whether you want to go for it or not. It can be a great benefit to some, but can really be an even bigger burden to others. The best thing to do now if you are still contemplating whether or not to consolidate your private student loans is to do your homework by taking the pros if they are relevant to your situation, as well as weighing the cons to see if benefits outweigh them. The other thing you can do when thinking about consolidating private student loans is to shop around with different companies, and view what their guidelines are.

Citiassist Student Loan – Information and Loan Details

August 27, 2011

Citiassist Student Loan

College isnt exactly cheap, we don’t have to tell you twice, but maybe a Citiassist student loan can help you. If you are looking for a more information on a Citiassist student loan because you are looking for money to go to college with, we’ve got your back as we will bring you all the detials you need to make your descision without having to browse all around the web. Below will be a main overview as well as some of the advantages and disadvantages of taking out a Citiassist student loan.

Citiassist Student Loan

Citiassist Student Loan – Overview

First off the Citiassist Student loan is offered through the bank called Citibank. They are considered a private lender being that they have no affiliation with any government programs, and are offered as a way to bridge the gap between the the money you need if your other loan programs fell short when it comes to the toal amount you need to complete college. We will first talk about some of the benefits or the Citiassist student loan, then after will be some of the negative aspects of taking out a loan through them.


  1. Having a Citiassist student loan doesn’t require you to make monthly payments on your loan during the time that you are in school, and offer you the choice to either pay your interest payments or not during the time you are enrolled
  2. You get 0.25 percent off your loan total if you enroll in the Citibank auto debit payment program
  3. Often times the interest that you pay on your Citiassist student loan is considered to be tax decutable.
  4. You will have access to a personal online account where you can view the status of a pending application, and any other payment or loan history and details.
  5. They work together with the college you are attending to make sure you are getting just the right amount of money that you need to complete school and not more so you don’t have more money to pay off at the end of the process.
  6. They offer the opportunity to release the contract from your cosigners name and put it in your name which will enable you to build a good credit score.


  1. The Citiassist student loan is what is called a tiered pricing loan where the fee as well as the margin over intersest rate is all determined by the credit score of your cosigner.
  2. Most undergraduate students need to have a cosigner to be able to qualify.
  3. The interest rates are subject to change, usually every 3 months.
  4. The fees for service are anywhere from 0% to 3% depending on your credit score or that of your cosigner.

Citiassist Student Loan – Is it worth it?

To be straight with you, I was a Citibank card holder for over 4 years and took out a loan for my first car through them. They provided excellent customer service, no matter who I was dealing with, or what I was inquiring about, customer service that you don’t often see at a large chains like they are. Due to this and the above benefits, all in all the Citiassist student loan is a a little above average, with some incentives that you don’t see on other programs, but require that you have a good cosigner to get the maximum benefits. If you are able to get this piece of the puzzle, then the Citiassist student loan can be a great way to bridge the gap between the money left you need to complete your college degree.

Student Loan Consolidation – Pros & Cons & Companies To Use

August 27, 2011

Student Loan Consolidation

Since many loan programs that students apply to give you the freedom to not have to pay monthly payments until you schooling is over, it is easy to forget about the money you owe all together, but when you are a week away from graduating, or already in your career, you have to map out a plan of attack to get your debt paid off.  Student loan consolidation can decrease your monthly payments by hundreds of dollars, depending on how much you owe.

By choosing to consolidate, you will both save money as well as be able to knock out your debt in record time, instead of being stuck with the debt for many years to come. But just like anything else, there great things and not so great things about student loan consolidation, the list of pros and cons will give you enough information for you to be the descision make whether or not consoliation is the way to go for you.

Student Loan Consolidation

Student Loan Consolidation – Pros

  1. One of the best parts, if not the best part of student loan consolidation is that you can group all of your loans programs into one lump payment, instead of worrying about dealing with multiple different programs and paying multiple different payments. This means that if you have any questions pertaining to your payment, the one company you are consolidating with can be your one stop resource.
  2. Student loan consolidation doesn’t require that you consolidate all your loans, you can pick and choose which ones you want to consolidate.
  3. Consolidating will no doubt make your monthly payment a lot cheaper than what you are paying now, and with all consolidation companies, your interest rate will be locked at whatever is choosen for you when your begin.
  4. Student loan consolidation companies are all competing for your business which means that there are plenty of benefits that will be offerd to you like reduction in your interest rates.
  5. The actual act of consolidating will never have a negative effect on your credit score.

Student Loan Consolidation – Cons

  1. Being that your interest rates are locked, if the median interest rates drop in the future, you will be stuck paying a higher interest rate to your student loan consolidation company than what you could of because of the drop.
  2. In the event that you happen do default on your payments, it will be reported to credit card bureaus and will effect your credit score.
  3. By extending your repayment time, your monthly payment will decrease by a lot, BUT, you will end up paying a lot more in the long run, so don’t be fulled by this so called “benefit”.
  4. Switching ot s student loan consolidation program can mean losing the perks and benefits of paying your loan payments to your current lender.
  5. Student loan consolidation programs generally have longer repayment periods which can act either as a pro or a con, being that it can take you longer to pay off the loan. This could be good if you don’t have a lot per month to pay, it can work to your benefit, but if you want to get it paid off fast, it might not be the best choice.

Now that you know both sides of student loan consolidation, you can now make the choice whether you want to make the switch or not. If you choose to do so, there are some incredibel and accredited companies to use. Here are a couple student loan consolidation programs that you can use:

  • Loan Approval Direct is a great company that has been doing student loan consolidation for many years and can slash your current monthly paymet by up to 60 percent, and a possibility to pay an interest rate which as low as 3 percent.
  • Next Student is another great resource to use for you student loan consolidation. This progam can offer you the benefit of getting also paying 60 percent less on your loan payment as well as having lower monthly payments if you have just gotten into your job after your completion of school.

These are two of the greatest resources to use when looking for student loan consolidation programs, that are both accredited as well as providing some of the best benefits around to their clients.

Student Loan Forgiveness – How To Get Loans Forgiven

August 27, 2011

Student Loan Forgiveness

Student loan forgiveness also known as student loan debt relief, could possibly be your saving grace when it comes to paying a lot less on a loan, or the elimination of it completely. Simply put, they can make your payment process stink a lot less. These programs have been known to eliminate debt which is in the thousands to even over 100,000 dollars. If you are a student right now or are finished with school and are contemplating how you are going to get out from underneath your debt, student loan forgiveness can be exactly what you need. The following information will provide you with with all the major information that details student loan forgivness and how you can be a part of it.

Student Loan Forgiveness

Student Loan Forgiveness – Main Overview

The Student Loan Forgiveness Act states that once you have started working one of the jobs that provides the benefit of loan forivess, you will have to pay 120 payments to your loan provider, after these payments, the rest of your debt is wiped out and you start off with a clean slate. You must make every one of the payments during this time, and if you miss one, you will be disqualified from the program.

Whether you have federal loans or private loans, student loan forgiveness covers both categories, but how exactly can you get your student loans forgiven, you may be asking? Well basically, student loan forgiveness can be attained through working a public service job. Some of the main professions that student loan forgiveness is found are in these feilds; medical law enforcement, lawyers, teachers, doctors among others.

Here are a few examples, but are certainly not limited to all of the jobs that offer forgiveness; volunteering for certain corporations like Peace Corps or Americorps, teachers who agree to teach in low income areas where teaching is needed most, a medical professional can work in a low income area where medical help is highly needed, going into law enforcement, serving in the military, working as a librarian or at a school library, going to work for the state or government.

This list is certainly a limited list when it comes to the opportunity for you to qualify for student loan forgiveness, so the best thing you should do if an option above doesn’t suit your particular situation is to inquire about it through your loan program as well as contacting corporations that are at the head of the feild that you wish to go into and were studying for. But in a nutshell you can qualify for student loan forgivness in many professions if you help provide the much needed help to those who are less fortunate.

Student Loan Forgiveness – What is the catch?

Often times the debt that is forgiven through student loan forgiveness can be considered taxable income, where you will be taxes as though you earned the amount that was forgiven. This may seem a little lame, but considering that you will not doubt save a lot in the long run regardless of this fact, student loan forgiveness still can be a great option to consider. If you truly want to make a difference and at the same time get a lot of your debt knocked out, participating in a student loan forgiveness program will bring you both of these benefits.

Student Loan Calculator Options You Can Use

August 27, 2011

The Student Loan Calculator Options

Student Loan Calculator

There are three different options that you can use when it comes using a student loan calculator that can help you with life during college and after you are done with college. The below information will describe to you the three different student loan calculator options as well as the benefits of using them, so you can get an overview of how they can help you in many different ways.

Student Loan Calculator – 3 Different Calculators

  1. The first one you can use is the Student Budget Calculator. Although it isn’t a student loan calculator, you will receive many benefits from it being a student. This calculator will ask you to enter information pertaining to the following subjects; yearly and monthly income, any tuition help like scholarhips, grants and help from family, yearly school expenses, and expected monthly expenses like food, utilities, telephone, internet, etc. After you have entered infromation in all the sections that apply to you, what will be computed will be what you need in monthly income to satisfy you monthly expenditures as well as how much money will be left over.
  2. The next student loan calculator that you can use which is there for you to determine if you can lower your monthly payments by grouping all your loans into one, is one called the Student Loan Consolidator Calculator. This option is a lot simpler than the Student Budget Calculator where you will enter information in three different categories and that will be, your loan companies (ex: Strattford), the balance of each loan, as well as the interest rate you ar currently paying on your loans. Like it was said in the begining, this student loan calculator can help you with seeing if consolidation your loans will save you money, without having to meet with a consolidation company just to do so.
  3. The next student loan calcluator is called the Student Loan Repayment Calcluator. This calculators main goal is to show you an estimate of what you payment plan will ecompass like your monthly payment as well as the total amount you will pay in monthly interest. You will receive your specific numbers to these sections by entering the number of monthly payments, interest rate as well as the amount the loan is that you are paying on. A great benefit of this calcluator is that you play with different numbers, and see how much money it would take to double up on your payments to pay if off quicker.

Student Loan Calculator – Conclusion

These are the three student loan calculator options that you can use that can help you with many things like, budgeting your college life, finding out if you will save more with the consolidation calclulator, and getting a birds eye view of what you repayment details will be when you start your payments. Using these student loan calculator options will enable you to be your own financial advisor and put you in the drivers seat to viewing and adjusting all the details when it comes to paying bills and paying off your loans.

Student Loans Without Cosigner – Background & 3 Programs to Use

August 27, 2011

Student Loans Without  Cosigner

If you have come to this page looking for student loans without cosigner programs, because either you haven’t built up a credit score yet, or your credit score is a little low, don’t worry there are alternatives that will allow you to get a student loans without cosigner! Being that there are two different types of loan groups out there, government loans, and private organizations, that you can get loans through.Tthis article will provide to you 5 different programs that you can use to get student loans without cosigner needed, read on for more information.

Student Loans Without Cosigner

Student Loans Without Cosigner – Overview of the two loan methods

First off, when it comes to federal loans, they could really care less about credit, making it easy to get student loans without cosigner through a government organization a lot less painless than you may have thought. They are geared towards offering aspiring students loans who have little or no credit at all, bad credit, little or no income among others, so as you can tell they cater to people who can’t really provide a cosigner and also have great benefits not having to pay it back until you are fully complete your education, laid back repayment methods, and a low interest rates that are fixed, meaning they won’t change.

Whereas private loans are hard to get student loans without cosigner, have less leinient repayment methods, and are heavily based on what your credit score is, and worst of all you are stuck with the loan if you can’t pay it because delcaring bankruptcy is not an option with a private loan. With this being a said, we will focus on federal loan programs, so be sure to exaust these federal resources first before you try for a private loan. Without further adieu, here are your 5 programs to use when seaching for student loans without cosigner methods.

Student Loans Without Cosigner – 3 Programs to Use

  1. The first program you can use that offers student loans without cosigner needed is The Stafford Loan. This option allows you to get fixed interest rates as low as 3.4 percent, allowing you the freedom to borrow over 20,000 dollars per year to use towards schooling costs depending on how far along you are with your schooling, you don’t have to pay a cent until you have finished you degree, non based credit score acceptance.
  2. Another federal resource you can use when looking for student loans without cosigner needed is a program called The Perkin Loan. This program provides you with the opportunity to get a fixed interest rate at as low as 5 percent, allowing you to borrow up to 27,500 dollars throughout undergraduate studies, and up to 60,000 dollars during your post graduate studies, which includes what you borrowed for undergrad. This program also allows you to get all your financial aid through the school that you are going to directly.

If you are overwhelmed by the word loan, which we don’t blame you at all, take a look at the program called the The Pell Grant program. This is money that you will never have to pay back and can be a great resource to get the funding you need to complete your schooling.

  • The Pell Grant is another resource you can use when trying ot get student loans without cosigner. This program is one of the most widely used program around when it comes to getting free money for college, being that they have over 5 million people currently receiving financial aid. You can receive up to over 5000 dollars per year of schooling.

Student Loans Without Cosigner – Conclusion

The first thing you will want to do is fill out a FAFSA which stands for Free Application of Federal Student Aid. Filling out this program will provide you with all the programs you are eligible with to attain loans through. Great luck on your search for student loans without cosigner, and hopefully this was the exact information you needed!