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The TEACH Grant

September 8, 2011


The TEACH Grant is an excellent way for aspiring teachers to get free money to use for college tuition. This program is set up for teachers who are willing to teach in either public or private schools as well as postsecondary schools that are in an area of low income, and in exchange they can get up to 4,000 dollars each year that they are in school. This grant is also not based on financial need which makes it a lot easier for people to qualify for, and is money that you never have to pay back. This was all made possible through the Congress created program called Teacher Assistance for College and Higher Education also known as the (TEACH) Grant Program. Terms and conditions are discussed below.


TEACH Grant Terms and Conditions

In order to participate in the TEACH Grant Program, you must adhere to the following terms and conditions:

  • You need to a citizen of the United States or an eligible non citizen.
  • Students must fill out a FAFSA which will determine how much you are eligible for.
  • Your schooling needs to revolve around a schedule that is geared towards getting you a degree to become a teacher.
  • The school that you are attending needs to be a participant in the TEACH Grant Program.
  • You must meet the specified academic requirements which consist of you being in the 75 percent or higher percentile when it comes to the college admissions test as well as need to maintain a 3.25 GPA or higher for the entire time you are receiving money from the TEACH Grant Program.
  • Lastly, you must sign what is called the Agreement to Serve which is where you will promise with your signature to adhere to the rules of teaching 4 years in low income out of an 8 year timeframe.

These are the main terms that one must prove that they qualify on if they are interested in participating in the TEACH Grant Program. If you are interested in taking parting in it, then the best thing to do would be either to contact your schools financial aid office to check if they infact do particiapte in the TEACH Grant Program. If they do, they will provide you with information on the next step in your process of obtain funds from the program.

Failing To Meet The TEACH Grant Terms

IF you fail to meet the requirement of not completing 4 years of schooling in low income ares within the 8 year time frame, then whatever you were granted by the TEACH Grant will automatically be turned into loan debt in the form of a Stafford Unsubsidzed Student Loan. If for example you were granted 13,000 dollars throughout college, this will need to be repaid in full under the terms of the Stafford Unsubsidized Student Loan. Also, one would need to pay interest payments which would date back all the way to the beginning of when you first started receiving TEACH Grant money.

The High Need Feilds That Qualify For TEACH Grant

These are some of the teaching feilds that are highly needed and qualify for the TEACH Grant Program:

  • Foreign Language
  • Math
  • Bilingual Teaching
  • Special Education
  •  Science
  • Reading Specialist
  • Others qualify, and just depend on what subject is the most needed at the time.